Thanks for your interest in custom photography!

I work in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin, mostly on location in Menasha, Appleton, Neenah, Little Chute or any of the other surrounding towns.

Snapping pics has always been a way for me to remember. I have the worst memory and while this may be useful in some ways (I can enjoy movies over and over! Was high school really that bad? What did hubby and I argue about last month?), when it comes to remembering my childhood and now the life with my family, it’s not so useful.

I love being able to look at a photograph and let it bring me back to THAT EXACT MOMENT, with the feelings, smells, emotions coming right with it.

Why do I love photographing YOU? I want to capture your step in time. When…Johnny was THAT small. When…Sophie was THAT wobbly on her feet. When….Tom and Julie were THAT newly in love. When….your family was JUST the three of you, the four of you, the five of you.

I love seeing YOU become the art in your home. All the little bits and pieces of a newborn displayed over her crib. The family all together framed in the living room. A montage of ages in the hallway. Give me a call so we can talk about setting up a custom session for you!

I would love to talk to you about photographing your family.

All 2 of you

JGR_5382 as Smart Object-1 copy

All 3 of you

Untitled photo

All 4 of you

Untitled photo

even all 18 of you!

Untitled photo
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